The Rogue Yogi

I’ve met many people who assumed that yogis had to be vegetarians, wear certain clothing, do certain things. The inspiration for Rogue Yogi came from the desire to share yoga with the average person who just simply wants to become a better version of him/herself through the various components of yoga.
So, here’s to a mission of stretching your level of Greatness, to Open your Mind, to embrace this current version of your Self because you’re just f*cking perfectly imperfect like that.
-Julie Tran



Julie Tran is a Los Angeles ­native with a San Francisco spirit. In 2006, she was introduced to the yogic practice at Bryan Kest’s (creator of Power Yoga) studio in Santa Monica, CA. This is where she assumed that all teachers would have the same type of passion and open-minded nature about Yoga.


In 2012, she took a Teacher Training to become a less clumsy girl on the mat, and to deal with some painful sh*t culminating since childhood. Through this experience, she realized that she still wanted to eat meat, say sarcastic sh*t in normal conversation, and snuggle with her puppycats. The one thing that shifted was her interest in guiding others to love themselves through Yoga.

With a rare opportunity to teach in a warehouse and on the coast of Redondo Beach, she began to evolve her unique style of teaching. This is where her passion of curated ambient and tropical beats, mindset work and after-class community-building blossomed. Rogue Yogi was envisioned to guide others in their yoga practice, in moving to their own beat, and breathing at their own rhythm. This vision was crystal clear when she moved up to SF.


Julie leveraged her experience to the next level: she co-produced and taught a multitude of Deep House Yoga sessions by enrolling multiple yoga studios and a deep house night club in SF, Berkeley, Oakland, Los Gatos and Los Angeles. These were all-levels pop-up yoga sessions set to underground ambient Deep House music with a live DJ.

Julie continues her mission to connect other Rogue Yogis together, online and in-person, through yoga, real talk, and love. Slated for 2017 is a release of various online yoga and meditation instruction videos, an appearance in a wellness book for skateboarders, the official launch of her Rogue Yogi apparel, and moving to Barcelona with her husband, “The Mongorrian”.


'Yoga can be athletic. Yoga can be spiritual. It can be one big philosophy if you want it to be. There's no ''one size fits all'' with Yoga. It's what you design it to be. So, live by your own design and own it.'
Yoga Movement
We move, stretch and sweat. Strengthen our bones, muscles and minds with intention, focus and breath.
Curated Music
Music is a critical component to your modern day yogic experience. No pop music. No rock. No 'Top 40'.
Mindset Work
Lessons on the mat apply directly to lessons off the mat. What you visualize yourself achieving, what challenges you face, and how you approach both can either magnify your burden or release them tenfold.

You Can Practice Yoga Everywhere

yoga, yoga for beginners, yoga poses, street art yoga, street yoga, yoga practice, yoga at home
yoga, yoga for beginners, yoga poses, street art yoga, street yoga, yoga practice, yoga at home
yoga, yoga for beginners, yoga poses, street art yoga, street yoga, yoga practice, yoga at home

Eagle Arms - Rogue Yogi

yoga, yoga for beginners, yoga poses, street art yoga, street yoga, yoga practice, yoga at home

deephouseyoga.SF @ Public Works SF 03.31.16

Recent Praise

As a beginner to yoga, I loved the vibe at the deep house yoga session. It was inviting, challenging, relaxing. Julie does an amazing job making people of all levels feel welcome and comfortable. As someone who can't touch my toes, I never felt insecure and the instructors helped walk me through all the poses.
- Sunny S
“Julie's beautiful personality comes out in her instruction and floats you through the toughest of classes with optimism, encouragement and positivity. I walk out with a smile on my face feeling relaxed but still get such a deep workout! She always provides clear cues and several options which has been so helpful for developing poses over time. She is the raddest!”
- Maggie W
"Amazing! I love this concept... I'm really not much of a yoga person but I'm hooked now. Thank you for bringing this to the world!"
- Michelle L
"Such an awesome idea to get our flow on to cool deep tunes with Julie's calming reassuring style :-)"
- Jacqueline Y