Meditation Time: How to Practice a Poolside Meditation in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Julie Tran / March 10, 2017 / Meditation, Travel, Video, Yoga
Hey, what’s up guys. It’s about 12pm in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This post features a poolside meditation for us and a quick recap of how life is like […]

The Secret to Letting Go

Julie Tran / March 5, 2017 / Life, Travel
It’s been a few days in Cambodia, but just enough time to see the difference between this country and Vietnam.There’s a lot more dirt, a lot less traffic, […]

What is the Yoga Scene Like in Vietnam?

Julie Tran / February 13, 2017 / Life, Meditation, Rogue Yogi, Travel, Yoga
Two Weeks into Going Rogue and Julie Already Feels Some Type of Way Hey, guys! It’s Julie (Your local and now remote Rogue Yogi) writing to you live […]

Day 3: Seated Forward Fold (Paschimottanasana)

Julie Tran / January 8, 2017 / Video, Yoga
Seated Forward Fold aka Paschimottanasana! Learn how to fold forward with tight hamstrings or reach your toes!

Day 2: Cobblers Pose (Baddhakonasana)

Julie Tran / January 8, 2017 / Uncategorized
Cobblers Pose aka Baddhakonasana! Watch this video to learn how to practice it!  

Day 1: Easy Pose (Sukhasana) // 30-Day Yoga Challenge for Beginners

Julie Tran / January 8, 2017 / Video, Yoga
Click here to watch the video of me demo-ing Easy Pose:      

Filipino Kare Kare: Peanut Oxtail Stew

Julie Tran / January 6, 2017 / Asian, Food, Recipes
Based on the traditional Filipino Kare Kare stew. Instead of grinding peanuts, roasting them, and mixing them into the stew, this modern recipe uses natural/organic creamy peanut butter. Instead of using a fire stove, we used a Pressure Cooker which saved us a lot of time and effort.

Yoga Music Playlist 010117 // Rogue Yogi Radio

Happy New Year, my Rogue Yogis! New Year, New Playlist! Pin this post, follow me on Spotify, and listen to this curated yoga music playlist of ambient, downtempo […]

Bun Rieu (Bún Riêu): Vietnamese Crab Noodle Soup

Julie Tran / December 31, 2016 / Asian, Cooking, Food, Recipes
Print Recipe Bun Rieu (Bún Riêu) The fastest Vietnamese noodle bowl soup recipe, and honestly so tasty for the minimal work needed Course Main Dish Cuisine Vietnamese Prep […]

Sriracha Kettle Chips: A Rogue Yogi Review

Sriracha Kettle Chips, what?! Let’s take a survey: 1. Do you like Sriracha Hot Sauce (with the red rooster label)? 🐔 2. Do you like Kettle Cooked Potato […]

Winding Down 2016, Ramping Up to 2017

Julie Tran / December 15, 2016 / Life, Love, Travel
What up, Rogue Yogis. The time is here. We begin to wrap up 2016 and ramp up to 2017. For some of us, it’s kind of hard to […]

Rogue Yogi Radio: Yoga Playlist #1

Julie Tran / November 27, 2016 / Rogue Yogi, Yoga
Due to popular demand, this Rogue Yogi is releasing her curated playlists to the public! After years of putting together solid Music to accompany your Mindset and Movement, […]

Rogue Yogi Real-Talk: Treasure Your Life. Let go of Old Energy, Welcome the New

Julie Tran / November 17, 2016 / Life, Love, Yoga
So, I’m here with some Rogue Yogi Real-Talk. I wanted to share a pretty serious topic just because I think that the current lessons that I’m learning about […]

My Experience of the Rogue Yogi RE:TREAT 2016 [Tulum, Mexico]

Julie Tran / October 19, 2016 / Life, Nutrition, Travel, Yoga
Hey, Rogue Yogis! A couple of us just got back from the first ever INTERNATIONAL Rogue Yogi Re:Treat! We went to Tulum, Mexico. Which I had heard so […]

Labor Day Post: From Corporate, to Self-Employed, to Struggling Yoga Teacher, to Peaceful and Balanced

Julie Tran / August 29, 2016 / Life, Meditation, Rogue Yogi, Yoga
By the time you read this, Labor Day Weekend will have passed. Isn’t it so ironic that the holiday designed to celebrate the Labor Movement is spent doing […]

A Rogue Yogi and a Groom Walk Into a T-Rex…

Julie Tran / August 15, 2016 / Life, Love
Who ever said that you had to conform to anything? Why would you have to live your life by someone else’s standards? Where does tradition serve its purpose […]

Rogue Yogi School: What are the Different Styles of Yoga?

Julie Tran / August 5, 2016 / Meditation, Yoga
I’ve been asked in my private Facebook lounge, “Rogue Yogis Run the World” a few questions about how to choose the right class of yoga to take. There’s so […]

Yoga for Beginners: Easy Seated Flow Sequence to Warm Up the Side Body

Julie Tran / July 21, 2016 / Meditation, Video, Yoga
Some days you don’t feel like standing up. Or walking around. Some days you may feel lazy as f*ck! Or, maybe you have some sort of injury which […]

Inner Peace Amidst the Storm, Challenged Dreams, Determination

Julie Tran / July 15, 2016 / Breathing, Health, Life, Love, Travel, Yoga
Life can come in such contrasting waves. Ebbs and flows of static that roll into tsunamis of activity that seem to come together at the same time. For […]

Rogue Yogi Recipe: Cà Ri Gà (Vietnamese Chicken Curry)

Julie Tran / July 10, 2016 / Chicken, Cooking, Food, Recipes
  Cà Ri Gà (Vietnamese Chicken Curry) Vietnamese Chicken Curry is of the stew kind. This dish goes great with thin rice vermicelli noodles, rice or toasted French […]

How to Practice a Classical Sun Salutation

Julie Tran / July 7, 2016 / Health, Video, Yoga
Need a nice Yoga flow to practice in the morning? This sequence is called a Classical Sun Salutation. It warms up all the major muscle groups in your […]

When Your Life Takes an Exciting Detour (BIG NEWS)

Julie Tran / July 4, 2016 / Ex-Pat, Life, Love, Travel
It’s the 4th of July. The day of Independence, Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It’s the day that recognized the bravery of several people who took […]

Rogue Yogi Recipe: Chicken Porridge (Cháo Gà)

Julie Tran / July 3, 2016 / Cooking, Food, Recipes
Lately, the “Mongorrian” (the nickname our friend calls the hubby because of his thick beard) and I have been cooking some more dishes at home. We somehow began […]

How to Practice Kneeling Moon Salutations

Julie Tran / June 27, 2016 / Health, Meditation, Yoga
Hey, Rogue Yogis! Try this body-warming yoga sequence for beginners and advanced practitioners! Known as a “Kneeling Moon Salutation”, this flow is usually done at the beginning (Right […]

Rogue Yogi Recipe: Vietnamese Sour Soup “Canh Chua”

Julie Tran / June 26, 2016 / Cooking, Diet, Food, Nutrition, Recipes
Vietnamese Sour Soup, or “Canh Chua” (“Canh Chua Ca” if there’s fish) This is a fast and easy recipe you can make in 30 minutes. It’s my slight variation […]

Yoga for Beginners: Poses You Can Do in the Morning!

Julie Tran / June 20, 2016 / Breathing, Health, Video, Yoga
Life can be really busy sometimes. No, actually a LOT of the time. You may either say “Yes” to anything and everything, or you somehow found yourself constantly […]

To All the Fathers Out There (With Love)

Julie Tran / June 18, 2016 / Life, Love, Meditation
When you were a little boy Did you dream about the stars Did your love of math Lead to your Calculations of how to Get on the moon […]

That Hawaiian-Themed Camping Trip (Camping and Cooking Ideas)

Julie Tran / May 30, 2016 / Cats, Cooking, Food, Health, Life, Love, Travel, Video
So, I shared in a previous post about how we didn’t get to go to Maui for Memorial Day Weekend, but instead took off on an impromptu adventure […]

Making the Most Out of it in Life!

Julie Tran / May 25, 2016 / Breathing, Cats, Food, Life, Travel, Yoga
Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of you Rogue Yogis! Here’s to all of those who served, and all of their families that stood right by their choice […]

The Current State of the Yoga Teaching Industry

Julie Tran / May 23, 2016 / Breathing, Health, Life, Video, Yoga
Some days you win, some days you don’t! I have taught Beach Yoga to over 70 people, Deep House Yoga to over 100 people, and to-date I must […]

What is a Rogue Yogi?

Julie Tran / December 22, 2015 / Rogue Yogi
A Rogue Yogi lies inside of you and I. A Rogue Yogi is someone who is into practicing yoga while staying true to one self. It’s not feeling […]

Rogue Yogi Rhythm

Julie Tran / December 22, 2015 / Uncategorized
What is your rhythm? What is the pace of your life? It’s the beat. Vibrate. With what tone do you set your day? How do you feel about […]

You don’t have to be vegetarian to practice Yoga. WHAT?!

Julie Tran / December 22, 2015 / Health
I repeat, you DON’T have to be vegetarian to practice Yoga! What I’m about to say is going to strike a chord with some of you. This isn’t […]

Franklin The Tuxedo Cat

Julie Tran / July 28, 2015 / Video
This is Franklin. He don’t like when I meditate.